ACENET Open House May 10th

ACENET would like to invite you to participate in their Spring Open House on May 10th in the New Academic Building at the University of Kings College adjacent to the Dalhousie’s Studley campus. 

ACENET is a consortium of post-secondary institutions providing advanced research computing resources, expertise and training to researchers and students throughout Atlantic Canada. Advanced computing refers to needs that are beyond the capabilities of a desktop computer, including high performance, big data, GPU and cloud computing, storage, and file transfer for terabytes of data.

The Open House will offer sessions for current and prospective advanced research computing users, both students and faculty, as well as anyone with an interest in ACENET. The schedule of sessions is provided below. It will be a mix of training, presentations and discussions. 

9:00-11:00am - Workshop: Handling Big Data on the Cloud

Do you have lots of data? Come and learn how the Compute Canada cloud could help you. The first hour of this session will introduce you to the basics of the Compute Canada Cloud, creating your first virtual machine (VM), and logging into it. The second hour will focus on how to set up and configure your collection of Virtual Machines to process and analyze your big data. The second hour will focus on how to set up and configure your collection of Virtual Machines to process and analyze your big data. Some of the ways one can manage a virtual cluster will be presented (e.g. OpenStack CLI, OpenStack Python API). Some simple use cases of such a cluster will also be discussed. A laptop is required, but no cloud experience is necessary. Compute Canada cloud account recommended.

11:00am-12:00pm – Presentations: Introduction to ACENET and a Showcase of Student Research

Come and learn about ACENET and some of the research being undertaken by our talented students. Presentations by students in a cross-section of disciplines, including ACENET Research Fellowship Program recipients.

A. 12:45-1:30pm – Presentations: Celebrating Our Researchers

This session will look at the advanced research computing landscape in Atlantic Canada, the research its enabling, new developments and the path forward.

B.  1:00-3:00pm - Workshop: Introduction to ACENET and Advanced Research Computing Basics

This session will cover the first two parts of ACENET’s Basics Training: Introduction to ACENET, and Introduction to the Unix Command Line. What is ACENET and what can it do for you? What hardware and software is available? How do you get an account? Once you've got an account, then what? How do you use a command line interface? This session is oriented to new users of ACENET systems. Laptop required.

A. 1:30-3:00pm – Open Forum Discussions

This will be an opportunity for researchers and students to discuss and table their views on issues of importance to the ACENET community, such as a regional data centre, the future of fellowships, skills training for undergraduate and graduate students, and ACENET going forward.

There is no charge for the event.  Participants can select the sessions they would like to attend.


Michele Fash
Marketing & Business Development Manager, ACENET
212 Emmerson Hall, Acadia University
902.680.2693 | | @computeatlantic
A Compute Canada Regional Partner

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